Good customer service is paramount in any business. For an insurance professional, providing good service is a key ingredient in having a happy customer and earning repeat business. So any professional insurance brokerage must meet this need. So how does a Professional Insurance Brokerage meet this need? By providing ongoing Risk Management Services rather than just selling you a product and walking away until the next renewal. Without providing these services, how will your Broker know your needs, have they changed, are your needs and expectations being met.

To meet that need, IL Group provides Risk Management Services by combining the knowledge and talent of both our Business Development and Client Services Teams. These knowledgeable individuals provide direct, hands-on assistance and help you manage the process of on-boarding your new vendor as well as managing that provider by being your advocate throughout the relationship. Whether it is exception report review, error resolution, data mapping, or routine troubleshooting, our team is there to help you, freeing up your time to focus on other functional areas.

IL Group makes the process faster, simpler and easier for you in selecting and managing your next provider.

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