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“I am a VP at Digital Check, the world’s largest check scanner manufacturer, and I would highly recommend IL Group for any security consult. It will change the priorities within your company.”
Fred Lewter, VP of Client Services at Digital Check
“IL Group’s presentation was informative yet entertaining and created awareness of our vulnerability as we live in such a technological age. You will walk away from their session with a greater awareness of phishing scams and how to better protect yourself.”
Laurel Knight, Branch Manager at Freedom Mortgage

“We all get so comfortable doing our every day tasks that we don’t think about all of the people out there trying to hack into our systems and gain information. IL Group brings these issues to the audience and really makes you think about how to keep your information safe, not just in your professional life but also in your personal.”

Michelle Still, Mortgage Lending Manager at AMOCO Federal Credit Union
“The IL Group was absolutely AMAZING! Everyone left the class thanking me for having them come, that they loved it and they loved them as speakers! I highly recommend them for your next cyber security training, they are top notch!”
Marla Guillaume, President at Century Lending Company

“I wouldn’t settle for anything less than the level of service that the credentialed professionals at IL Group deliver. I would highly recommend them for security consults. They will exceed your expectations.”

Rolanda Legg, Mortgage Product Architect - PromonTech LLC

“Very informative! IL Group’s Tobi and Ketrick compliment one another so well from their expansive and diverse backgrounds. They took a very complicated, serious and cumbersome issue and broke it down in very relative and meaningful explanations in a great & fun way.”

Steve Stapleton, Assistant Vice President, Amplify Credit Union