It is becoming increasingly difficult to properly identify and monitor the correct Flood Zone within which a property lies as FEMA continues to update flood maps across the country. Whether you’re an originator or a servicer, you must be certain that your partner stays abreast of these changes.

But that process doesn’t have to be difficult or burdensome. At IL Group, we partner with one of the largest Flood Zone Determination providers in the country. Choosing IL Group and our partner to provide Flood Zone Determination services for you allows YOU to be in control of the administrative processes and choose the option that works best for your organization. Whether you prefer a secure online web portal or a full electronic interface with your Loan Origination Software (LOS) or Servicing Platform, we can meet this need.

IL Group is standing by to work with your key personnel to maintain compliance over the life of your loans and keep abreast of changing flood zone designations.

Our options make information and data access easy.

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